When attorneys and clients need unbiased assistance.
An accomplished negotiator, mediator, and litigator, Steve Altman has resolved multi-million dollar government-commercial disputes and diverse civil conflicts.  His background includes work with government agencies, commercial enterprises, and non-profit organizations.  He is an attorney with over twenty-five years of Department of Justice experience in complex civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  He has special expertise in the False Claims Act and Qui Tam litigation.  He is an experienced neutral with particular focus in resolving disputes involving the government, business entities, and non-profit organizations. As your situation warrants, he can provide assistance in the following areas:
  • Consultation: when you seek advice on negotiations, resolving disputes with the government, and developing and resolving False Claims Act cases
  • Mediation: where the emotions or financial costs of litigation should be avoided or on-going relationships must be preserved
  • Evaluation: where one or both sides will benefit from an informed neutral view
  • Arbitration: when a prompt decision is needed
  • Training: in all aspects of ADR and False Claims Act litigation.

If you would like to contact Steve Altman via email, please fill out the simple email form or call him at 202-349-1447.

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