About Steve Altman     
Steve Altman is an attorney with over 20 years of senior-level experience...

...in complex civil litigation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), management, and training. An accomplished negotiator and mediator, he has resolved multi-million dollar government-commercial disputes and diverse civil conflicts. His background includes work with government agencies, commercial enterprises, and non-profit organizations; he has special expertise in the False Claims Act and in mediation and dispute resolution for non-profits.  Steve is the 2013 Charles Fahy Distinguished Adjunct Professor at the Georgetown Law Center and is a skilled trainer, lecturer, and group facilitator. His management experience ranges from project planning to operations and assessment.

In 2003, he retired from 27 years of service at the US Department of Justice to open his own ADR practice. In addition to consulting on disputes with the government, including False Claims Act cases, Steve assists those involved in civil disputes with case evaluation, investigation, and settlement negotiations. His services include mediation, arbitration and training.

Experience -

From 1983 until 2003, Steve served as Assistant Director in the Commercial Litigation Branch of the Civil Division.  He supervised litigation and resolved major federal-corporate conflicts arising from procurement, subsidies, loans, contracts, and fraud. These cases, involving hundreds of millions of dollars, arose from disputes across diverse agencies including the Departments of Defense, Transportation, Agriculture, Education, and HUD. In this capacity, he oversaw the work of more than 30 lawyers and managed a staff of paralegals, auditors, and investigators.  During this time, he served as a consultant and teacher to government attorneys on all aspects of ADR and negotiations.

Alternative Dispute Resolution-

Steve co-authored the Civil Division’s ADR Policy, helped create the ADR training course for the Department of Justice and provided ADR advice to Assistant United States Attorneys nationwide.  He has been a mediator in the DC Superior Court’s Multidoor Program since its inception in 1990, where he has resolved a broad range of conflicts including contract and other business related matters, personal injury, landlord/tenant, non-profit, and workplace disputes.  He also assists in selecting and training other mediators for this program.

Training -

Known as a fair and open-minded expert, Steve has been an invited speaker at many educational forums including programs sponsored by the American Bar Association, DC Bar Association, DC Superior Court, Executive Office of US Attorneys, US Army, and the US Postal Service, among others.  Steve also designed and conducted training for the Department of Justice in negotiation, ADR, parallel proceedings, and fraud litigation. Each year he teaches a continuing legal education class in negotiation for the DC Bar. 

Since 1998, Steve has been an Adjunct Professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, where he teaches negotiation, including components on mediation and arbitration.  As an advisor to the student ADR Society and coach of the school’s interscholastic negotiation team, Steve has helped students win regional, national, and international competitions.

Background -

Prior to working for the Department of Justice, he served in the Air Force and as an attorney for the Civil Service Commission.  Steve graduated from Duke University and received his JD from the Syracuse College of Law. He is certified as an arbitrator by the National Association of Securities Dealers and is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, and the DC Bar.  His community activities include being President Emeritus of the Washington DC Jewish Community Center and an active volunteer in the Everybody Wins mentoring program.

If you would like to view Steve’s formal and printable resume (PDF), click here.

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