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Steve brings unique False Claims Act experience...

... who need a strategic yet practical approach to address their situation.

False Claims Act

The False Claims Act (FCA) allows whistleblowers to file cases on behalf of the United States against companies that have defrauded the government.  The whistleblower can receive a share of what the government recovers as a reward. As a recognized expert in handling matters under this Act, Steve provides consultation to counsel, individuals, and companies that find themselves involved with the statute.

Having litigated and supervised FCA cases for the Department of Justice for 27 years, Steve has a unique depth of experience in all aspects of False Claims Act litigation.  He was the Civil Division’s point person on FCA and qui tam issues for advice and training to Assistant US Attorneys nationwide.  He is a frequent lecturer on related topics for Bar Associations and privately sponsored conferences.

Steve provides the following kinds of consultative services:

   For All Counsel

If you want a FCA dispute resolved, Steve can help you formulate a game plan, advising you and your client regarding the practical and strategic steps necessary to present a matter to the Department of Justice.  He can also serve as a mediator to assist in resolving False Claims Act disputes.
If specialized training would be useful to you, Steve can provide instruction in all aspects of investigating, presenting, litigating and settling FCA matters.

   For Relator’s Counsel

If you are trying to decide whether to take a case, Steve can advise you regarding steps to take to conduct an efficient investigation and analysis.
If you are trying to convince the government to intervene, Steve can tell you which arguments matter the most.
If you have a relator share issue, Steve can suggest approaches to resolution.

   For Defense Counsel

If you are trying to formulate an investigative plan or a settlement strategy, Steve can explain to you the decision-making processes; what matters; and suggest how  to navigate the civil, criminal, and administrative gauntlets that you will face.
If you are trying to convince the government not to intervene, Steve can explain the points that resonate and the issues that are considered.
If you are trying to settle, Steve can educate you concerning the government’s required provisions, the strengths of your arguments, and when to use mediation.

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