Steve Altman is committed to helping clients assess their options and reach decisions. He brings his experience and unbiased judgment to bear in developing a strategic, common-sense approach to issues.

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A skilled mediator can make the difference between a dispute reaching a swift and fair settlement and one that involves prolonged litigation. Steve has mediated disputes in many areas, including contracts, workplace, business, personal injury, non-profit, and property. His responsive approach can include facilitative, evaluative, and transformative techniques while his experience and communication skills enable him to build trust with each party. Framing discussion with realistic assessments helps each side make tough decisions en route to settlement.

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In addition to serving as an adjunct professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, Steve provides training on mediation and negotiation for government agencies, bar associations, non-profit organizations, and private law firms. Steve provides training for basic negotiations, negotiations for litigators, dispute resolution for non-profits, and selecting and using ADR processes. Steve tailors each class for the specific training needs of his clients.

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Settlement Consultation

Settlement counsel assists parties in planning and executing a negotiation or ADR process. Steve advises on the best dispute resolution option, the timing of discussions, and assessment of your case. He can perform the settlement negotiations for you, assist your presentation, or moot your presentation to assist your preparation. Steve’s experience in dispute resolution ranges from two-party, single-issue conflicts to complex negotiations involving multiple parties and topics complicated by emotional issues, time pressure, or communication barriers.

“I am happy to report that my co-worker and I are communicating much better now. In fact, we even negotiated an issue today. Thanks again for your help!”

Assistance To Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations and religious institutions can find themselves in the same disputes—from employee issues to contract matters—as any other company. But non-profits must often contend with complex decision processes that require input from committees, boards, memberships, donors, or other constituencies. Steve has extensive experience dealing with non-profit organizations. He facilitates negotiations or mediations so that each side understands the role of these constituencies, bringing them into the process early. This creates results that are meaningful for the decision, yet flexible to allow for changing circumstances.


While arbitration is similar to trying a case before a judge, it has several advantages over litigation. These include increased confidentiality, a presiding judge with relevant expertise, and a faster, less formal, and less expensive process. Parties may also have the arbitrator attempt to mediate the case before he issues a decision.

In both binding and non-binding arbitration cases. Steve has the proven judgment, judicial temperament, and litigation experience to develop prompt, appropriate resolutions. He is certified to perform arbitrations for FINRA.

Case Evaluation

Steve puts his experience litigating fraud and contract cases for the United States to work to provide investigative plans and settlement strategies for clients. He reviews presentations and offers a neutral assessment that parties can use in their own review and negotiation. He can also provide special master services to sort through discovery disputes and direct parties to efficient, cost-effective development of cases for trial. To assist with case outcome prediction, Steve conducts legal and factual case analysis and develops analysis trees. His analysis can be shared with both parties or provided just to one side to help evaluate a settlement proposal.